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Tobacco Plus exhibition fair held in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam has already passed.  At this fair stand exhibitors with products in the field of tobacco, gambling, confectionery, but also with e-smoking products and other smoking accessories.

All exhibitors, of which more than 60 exhibitors were present at this fair, presenting their latest product range. ZenSations also participated the Tobacco Plus.


ZenSations and Beurs Styling are no strangers to one another and in the past they entered several times into a collaboration. Beurs Styling took care of the largest part of the concept for ZenSations. Beurs Styling not only took care of the exhibition furniture such as the LED backlit high tables with stools, the LED-lit desk complete with a wall unit for the crockery and coffee but also of the various LED-lit display cases and presentation furniture, which were used for presenting the new product range.

In addition Beurs Styling took care of the lettering on the furniture, the presentation cloths against the walls and the lighting of the stand. Beurs Styling did even taken care of the flower decoration, adapted to the different 'flavors' (colors) on the presentation cloths. Flower decoration contributes to a cozy atmosphere.

And last but not least, the LED lighted floor, definitely the eye-catcher of the stand. This makes the booth in a positive way flagrantly present. The LED illuminated floor was equipped with a white light so it was not too overbearing presence. Due to the design and appearance of the stand the attention of visitors was drawn in a catchy way.

Because of the sensational and striking concept the Tobacco Plus 2014 was for ZenSations again very successful.




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