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LED column interactive

Want to create a unique atmosphere at your booth? Then choose this sleek LED-lit column. Because you can control this LED column interactively, this will provide another many additional possibilities. Let the colors match perfectly with the rest of your stand or choose correct for color to distinguish between goods, services and people in your booth. Inspire and fascinate your customers by let them using them the interactive possibilities.

The LED columns you can give any desired RGB color, and in addition, it is possible to provide them with the color "cool white". A slow gradient or a specific set program are available (additional cost customized program: € 30, -). Optionally combined with the product platform or showcase.

More information about interactive presentation: Touch to LED.

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DMX controllable and interactive (wireless)
RGB colors synchronized with other LED items
Ability to cool white (8000K)
Personalize through sticker
Available in white and black
With remote control

Height: 120 cm
Width: 35 cm
Length: 35 cm


Examples with: LED column interactive

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