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Denon Benelux

Denon Benelux is an audio and video brand specializing in hi-fi equipment, Blue-ray players, receivers, headphones and sound systems. Denon Benelux presented their new range of audio and video equipment using a product show in the Effenaar in Eindhoven.

Product presentation

Denon Benelux objective was to present their new range at a particular and striking way. Beurs Styling has been asked by Denon to provide LED illuminated columns and counters for the product show of the new audio and video equipment.

On the basis of the available space, Beurs Styling made a floor plan with a suitable device for the product show. The hi-fi equipment was exhibited on the counters and the headphones were each shown on an LED-lit column. The entire LED furniture was lit in the same color blue as the corporate design of Denon Benelux. Beurs Styling has achieved the objective of Denon Benelux by providing a product presentation in a special way.



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