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3D Concept

Are you wondering how your booth will look or do you need a 3D drawing to decide how the design will be? Beurs Styling offers the possibility to create a 3D drawing of your concept for exhibition, conference or event.

A 3D drawing has many advantages. A 3D drawing allows you to interpret things better than a 2D view does. But it also provides the ability to visualize the design of your exhibition stand in advance. So you're getting a good idea of ​​how your stand will look in reality. Making decisions about the design can be made more quickly. In addition, with 3D drawings errors can be prevented that could be made with 2D.

A 3D drawing is very detailed. For example, it is clearly visible which led lighted desk or other exhibition furniture the best emerges.

With the ability to make a 3D drawing of your booth is also easier to tune into your ideas and plans for the exhibition campaign. For more information please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.


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