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LED desk

To hire exhibition furniture for the design of your booth starts by Beurs styling. The LED-illuminated desk is of high-quality and will give your stand a striking and professional appearance. Professionally finished on all sides, so that it can, if desired, also be placed in the center of the stand.

Do you want to connect the counter optimally on your exhibition furniture? No problem: the LED lighting can be set in any RGB color and 'cool white'. Besides lighting one color, you can also choose a gradient color or a specific set LED program. The cost for a customized program is: € 30, -.

The LED lighting in the front desk is visible on all sides of the counter visible and the top turns it. The frame of the desk is available in black or white. Beurs Styling also bide the possibility of advertising stickers on the desk. You can completely personalize the desk in your style or scholarship campaign.

Combine the counter with the white bar stool, black stool or trendy bar stool for a complete decoration of your stand.
We offer a free quote for renting a LED-lit desk or a complete stand. Please feel free to contact us.


DMX controllable and interactive (wireless)
RGB colors synchronized with other LED items
Ability to cool white (8000K)
Personalize through sticker
Available in white and black
With remote control

Height blad: 100 cm
Depth: 71 cm
Length : 226 cm


Examples with: LED desk

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