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Alfasan, a manufacturer of animal drugshas asked Beurs Styling to contribute ideas for the realization of an overall concept for an exhibition booth at the RAI Amsterdam.

Alfasan had the objective to create a stylish and elegant design with enough space for presenting their animals drugs. In consultation with Beurs Styling is by Alfasan decided to use some LED lighted columns with display cases to showcase their products.

There was also chosen for a custom pantry along with a beamer. The wall of the pantry wall serves as a projector. In order to guarantee an optimal result is the projector mounted on the upper side of the wall. Behind this wall there is the pantry, with the aim of storing promotional materials and foods.

There is chosen in terms of decor for a desk and two LED-lit bar tables. The desk, the bar tables and columns all have logo stickers and illuminated in the corporate color of Alfasan. For decoration, there are two tall vases with flowers placed on the desk.


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