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Passion, ahead in the field and good relations with customers ... That's where Sligro Food Group stands for. Core values ​​which also apply to Beurs Styling. That is why we collaborate several times succesfully with Sligro food group for entrepreneurs and hospitality. For the wine events of Sligro Beurs Styling created a special solution.

Innovative solution

Beurs Styling previously developed an innovative solution, which completely suited the demand and wishes of Sligro. By showing the wines in a specially designed LED presentation cabinet, each wine could separately highlighted and brought to the attention. A square-shaped truss construction caused a true theatrical experience for the guests. Bewurs Styling placed 2 LED presentation cabinets in each cooking theater.

In addition, we developed the necessary software and associated interface, which allows the presentation cabinets in a simple and user-friendly way to be controlled through a laptop or iPad. To make it as easy as possible for Sligro, we had programmed the day program. In this way the cooks only control a clicker, in order to allow the right wine light up in the presentation cabinet.

Because Beurs Styling was concerned at an early stage in this project, we could Sligro offer a total solution. Truss structure, LED cabinets and presentation software: everything could be tuned together to perfection. That way we could take care of everything, no worries for Sligro.


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