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Polak+Co import Ι export

Horecava, the largest and most popularly and most famous trade fair for professionals in the food service industry, is held annually at the RAI Amsterdam. Polak+Co. Import/Export BV both exporting to European countries as an importer of various foods from countries such as China, Korea and Indonesia is of course essential to a fair as the Horecava.

Suitable concept

It was the first time Polak+Co participated in the Horecava. Beurs Styling was asked by them to create a suitable concept with the right look. When Polak+Co survives the Dutch trading spirit and know that they associate solidity and reliability of flexibility. This had to be transferred into the look of the exhibition stand. In consultation with Beurs Styling was elected for a four-meter high truss construction and orange carpet in the corporate color of Polak+Co, which the state acquired an impressive sight. The rear was fitted with a striking and beautiful presentation cloth, printed in full color. The presentation cloth serves clearly to come forward the company logo and its own brand. Differ from the booth Polak+Co has chosen a distinctive yet balanced appearance. The stand was equipped with an LED-lit desk complete with a fast cooler for cooling drinks. Some LED illuminated standing tables with white square stools. Both the bar and the tables were all provided with lettering and imprint.

Led illuminated presentation cabinet

There was also a freezer and four LED illuminated presentation boxes placed for showing products from their range. Two of these presentation cases were suspended from the truss structure in the direction of the aisle, whereby this acted as eye-catcher. The other two presentation boxes were placed on a cube and linked to Touch to LED, so that visitors could easily find information about products through an iPad. When information about a particular product was queried the relevant product in the presentation cabinet did light up. Touch to Led is a unique and compelling way to display products. Again Beurs Styling has been able to offer a total solution. A total solution for Polak+Co with a look of solidity and reliability.


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