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Deli XL foodservice fair

A record number of visitors found their own flavor to the Deli XL foodservice Fair. With more than 5,200 visitors over three days, the Foodservice Fair 2010 may rightfully be called a smashing success. Monday, September 13 was even the busiest day in the history of the Foodservice Fair. For the visitors it was an incredible experience. Visitors have been inspired by the many stands with delicious delicacies, cooking shows, workshops and seminars. The exhibition theme "Taste your own taste" in optima forma.

Zirqle has provided the establishment for the Foodservice Fair 2010 in cooperation with Huddles Hoogsteder. This is done with various novelties such as placing several items which led each one with separate DMX address and which can be wirelessly centrally controlled by a DMX controller. This allowes each item to be managed separately and are equipped with private rgb color for a good fitting result. Furthermore, there are a variety of pillars standing tables and display cases and trays placed in order to show the variety of new products and to place laptops to generate an even better image for the customer.


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