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Bokhoven BTM

The Techni Show is the largest and most important exhibition in the Benelux in the field of industrial production, handling and processing of metals, plastics materials, accessories and tools. Bokhoven BTM provides a wide range of tools, tensioning, automation and workshop equipment for the metal and plastics industries. If annual exhibitor Bokhoven BTM was also present at the Technishow 2012.

Full decoration

Beurs Styling has been commissioned to create a full exhibition stand with a complete equipment. In consultation with Bokhoven BTM is selected the booth for a truss construction of 11 x 5 m, a full color vinyl cloth back and a custom pantry. The pantry serves as storage space for promotional materials and food. The full color vinyl cloth serves the company logo and other marks clearly to come forward. In terms of decor was chosen for a counter complete, a number of presentation columns with showcases and two high tables for visitors to the position.

Furniture in black

Due to the fact that the black color fits perfectly with the company logo, Bokhoven BTM has decided to adopt this color for the entire furniture in the booth. In addition, the furniture is already equipped with logo stickers. In order to let the stand seamlessly link has been chosen for a black floor in combination with the black furniture. This time Beurs Styling  has a full exhibition stand entirely appropriate for the industry with a technical look where Bokhoven BTM part of is. 


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