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AHC Benelux

ESEF is the leading trade fair in the field of supply in the Netherlands, outsourcing and engineering. This trade show is held every two years. AHC Benelux is a company specializing in heat and surface treatment and so fine in place at ESEF. They stand also at the ESEF. AHC Benelux asked after a previous successful collaboration Beurs Styling again to take care of their stand for the ESEF.

Technical appearance

Because Beurs Styling offers the possibility to create a total concept AHC Benelux has commissioned to us. To give the booth an industrial and technical look, there is are full color presentation cloths with a truss construction used. Four different treatment techniques were depicted on the presentation screen on the back wall.

It is striking contrast

In consultation with AHC has been chosen to build the truss construction 4 meters high and black for exhibition furniture. This provides a striking contrast with the other booths. Not only the high construction but especially the exhibition furniture in black causes AHC stands clearly in the eye. There are three LED illuminated standing tables set with stools for visitors to the stand. In addition, an LED illuminated counter complete and all LEDs are lit presentation columns for presenting the treatment techniques. Just like the last time AHC has again opted for lettering on the counter and on the LED-lit bar tables. Innovative was that this time a ceiling in the state processed bearing in large letters the logo of AHC. In terms of the lighting has been chosen for cool white so that the state sufficiently noticeable but not too cluttered. The appearance of stand and to remain industrial and technical.

Complete concept

The concept was to the smallest detail complete, has thought of everything. The score was not only equipped with a pantry, containing a kitchen and space for storage in the state itself was still an espresso machine for making coffee and tea and even a beer tap. The state of AHC Benelux for ESEF 2014 was certainly not trivial, but luxurious and striking with a technical and industrial respect. Thus this project is taken care of by Beurs Styling was brought to a successful conclusion.



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