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An interactive way to introduce visitors to the fair with new products: that's where our customer 2Connect IT was looking for. Beurs Styling thought, and developed an innovative presentation. Innovative, with a sleek look and also particularly easy to use.

Wireless and interactive

2Connect-IT specializes in high quality equipment, systems and software for satellite communications. At IBC 2012, an exhibition in the field of electronic media and entertainment, 2Connect IT was looking for a way to acquaint visitors create new products.

It was the first time that Beurs styling could develop a solution for 2Connect IT. By listening to wishes and thinking creatively, Beurs Styling could create a solution that was fully tailored to the needs of 2Connect IT. Beurs Styling designed a booth with LED lighted display cases, in which the products of 2Connect IT were shown. The showcases were equipped with LED technology in different colors (RGBW), which was to send wirelessly interact with an iPad.

Targeted communication

By operating the iPad, visitors to the fair were able to look up specific information about each new product. When selecting a product on the iPad briefed the cabinet with the product in the blue. The other products retained the color of the 'idle': cool white. In this way, it was immediately clear which product was part of the information that was displayed on the iPad.

Fully customizable

Beurs Styling not only developed the LED-lit display cases, but also the corresponding software and interface. Both were fully customized: with an appropriate layout, which suited the needs and style of 2Connect IT. And of course with all the necessary functionalities so that the visitor system was user-friendly and easy to operate. Because Beurs Styling both the LED display cases as the software interface developed, we could 2Connect-IT offer a total solution with optimal results.



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