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LED Expo 2017

2 March 2017

The 2017 LED Expo is over. Also this year, Zirvic and Luxalight have been to the LED Expo. The high performance of Zirvic with the giraffe on the presentation cloth and the LED lighted furniture was a daunting success last year. For Zirvic the choice was not difficult. She went for the same concept as last year. Beurs Styling has built up the truss construction, placed the presentation cloths and did take care of the furniture for this beautiful stand.

Important for Luxalight was presenting her newly developed driver on the LED Expo. Luxalight wanted to keep the position simple and focus on the new driver.  In order to present this driver, Luxalight has used some LED lights. As an additional device, a desk is complete and some LED lights are used. The result of the state may be, simple but effective. This year, the LED Expo was for both companies again a success.


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