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Bavaria B-Day


Zirqle was asked following the plans to present a proposal for the establishment of a lounge area, , care of counters for the issuance of beverages, providing some eye-catchers showing the products of bavaria including a lighting plan with the various LED items.


made in response to the available space is a floorplan. We have chosen an area were you can sit, from 7.5 to 14 meters which we have completed with a black lounge. For the general area there are black cocktail tables put down as intern shipment. As eyecatcher and issuance and information points are used the counters. The various new corporate items were among others showed in the LED illuminated pillars and showcases them specially custom made.


For the press, there are LED backlit columns stationed on the stage with several new items of Bavaria. Both LED backlit pillars on stage as the LED items in the zitarea, the pillars and showcases the various LED illuminated cocktail tables provided a unique aspect during the unveiling show! During the unveiling show various decorative elements were added as a final touch in the gold and blue to process all the new appearance in the decoration. A unique program with a unique decoration for the introduction of the new corporate identity of Bavaria!


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